A Lithuanian composer and filmmaker based in Vilnius. The artist primarily works in electronic and ambient music fields, simultaneously exploring visual media composition. He has written scores for five short films and composed music for theatre plays, which premiered at Venice Open Stage festival. He also provided music for several media/art projects, one of which premiered at ArtVilnius Fair 2022.  

Natas Kunas has released three EP's - Unravelling the Everyday,  Sleep Has Our House and Kontinuum. His electronic music work, touched by classical influences, explores pulsation, patterns, fluidity and organic textures. Being a multi-instrumentalist he creates in the friendship of many different instruments and miscellaneous objects, and fuses complexity with minimalism.  

Kunas' interaction with music started during music school years. It was there that he experienced first-hand solo performing as well as playing 1st violin in a symphony orchestra. Later on he began playing in different art rock oriented bands that were focused on writing original music. 

During this time he discovered the synthesizer, an instrument that would be essential for his growth, leading Kunas to begin writing solo work. 

Currently, the artist is preparing his first full length album, while simultaneously writing music for media.